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VISTA Member Trainings

Required 2011-2012 Training Dates:

August 18 & 19, 2011 – Early Service Training

October 7, 2011 – VISTA Member & Supervisor Training

December 2, 2011 – VISTA Member Training – Jodi Pfarr: Bridges Out of Poverty

February 17, 2012 – VISTA Member Training

April 20, 2011 – VISTA Member Training – Theme: Life After AmeriCorps

Members are also highly encouraged to attend the following events:

September 11, 2011 – 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance

January 16, 2012 – MLK Day of Service

May 2012 – AmeriCorps Week

June/July 2012 – End of Service Events

These trainings have a number of purposes, including but not limited to:

• Orienting and connecting members to services and information provided by the Minnesota Literacy Council and Corporation for National and Community Service
• Giving members the knowledge and skills needed to succeed at their sites
• Fostering positive relationships and creating cohesion among VISTA members
• Providing opportunities for professional and personal growth
• Encouraging networking, resource sharing, collaboration and partnerships across members and sites

MLC believes these trainings are integral to a successful VISTA service, so we expect that all members will be present at each of the required trainings. All members and supervisors are given the dates for mandatory trainings at the beginning of the service year so that they can plan accordingly.

In the event that a member is unable to attend a required training, he/she should contact the VISTA Leader or VISTA Manager as early as possible in order to discuss the situation.

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